The Premier One Network Suite Solution Launched By Motorola Solutions In The U.S. Public Safety Market

Date:Oct 19, 2020



October 15, 2020, Motorola Solutions launched the Premier One network suite supported by Command Central software in the US public safety market. The suite is hosted by Microsoft Azure Government and provides workflow and operational functions that simplify computer-aided dispatch (CAD), on-site response, and report and record management functions. This suite integrates PremierOne CAD, PremierOne Mobile and PremierOne Records, which have been tested and proven by Motorola solutions, into a single network.


"We know we want to benefit from it, but we don’t want to invest in a series of isolated, one-off solutions," said Michael G. Gregory, Chief of Police of Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida. When Motorola Solutions came up with the idea of a tried-and-tested integrated CAD-based, recording and mobile web-based service suite, it made great sense, and we are happy to implement this solution for the community."


The moment a citizen dials 9-1-1, a complex process is initiated in the public safety workflow, involving a series of roles, including dispatchers routing the call to the police, fire and emergency medical services; emergency personnel; Records experts who maintain the integrity of information and evidence. For these people, seconds and safety are paramount. The introduction of the PremierOne network suite will help organizations enhance the security of communities and responders in key ways, while also having other advantages of the network:


Create, schedule, and close events quickly. The PremierOne suite simplifies the creation, distribution, and closure of events, allowing for more efficient management of growing data within the scope of public safety.

Speed up on-site response time and reporting speed. The PremierOne suite provides access to complete data for each situation, including relevant records, to enhance situational awareness, better notification response and simplified on-site reporting.

Increase agents' time in the community. The PremierOne suite simplifies how officers collect and record all information and evidence related to the case to reduce time-consuming management and enable officers to return to the scene as soon as possible.

Andrew Sinclair, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Motorola Solutions Software Enterprise, said: "The community will thrive on the premise of safety, and the PremierOne suite will push agents to achieve this goal." "Today, thousands of organization relies on our Command Center software to maintain community safety, and there are more than 85,000 service calls handled by PremierOne CAD every day. The PremierOne suite brings key advantages to organizations, including faster deployment, higher security, and Quickly and seamlessly expand and secure investments in emergency situations . We have disrupted the entire industry, providing a proven local solution rewritten for the network."