The Technical Relief Agency Of Bavaria, Germany Purchased 6,000 Motorola Solutions TETRA Pagers

Date:Jul 23, 2020


When an emergency occurs, rapid communication between first responders is essential. In order to reach volunteer workers in emergency situations, the Federal Technical Relief Service (THW) chose to equip its first responders with 6,000 reliable and easy-to-use Motorola solutions ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pagers.

THW is responsible for the technical logistics business of the German Federal Government. It provides assistance after storms and floods, ensures emergency repairs and supplies, and ensures communications for large-scale operations. During the coronavirus crisis, the THW team set up mobile stations for medical inspections and provided support to the Federal Police in border control, lighting and establishment of temporary shelters. These teams also ensured that protective equipment, such as masks and hand sanitizer, were distributed to local disaster prevention organizations on behalf of the Bavarian Federal State.

Motorola's solution TETRA two-way pager provides Bavarian THW with optimized availability through TETRA digital radio network, high availability, lightweight but rugged design, dust-proof and water-repellent IP54 certification, and 48-hour battery life. In an emergency, volunteers can quickly read and respond to messages through the bright 2-inch color display. In addition, Motorola solution TETRA two-way pager also provides optional GPS tracking.