The Use Time Of The Disaster Prevention Communication System Deployed By Japan To Assist The Solomon Islands Has Expired

Date:Oct 26, 2020

An investigation by the Japan Accounting Inspectorate pointed out that the radio equipment deployed by Japan in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific cannot be used for more than 3 years at the longest. The deployment has already cost about 500 million yen, and on the 20th, the inspection center requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) that implemented the project to reinstall it in time and prevent it from happening again.

From 2002 to 2007, the Accounting Inspectorate extracted and investigated 41 projects in 5 countries including China, including loan assistance. This is very clear.

 The Solomon Islands has many natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan decided to provide assistance in 2011. In the event of a disaster, relevant organizations have installed radio equipment that broadcasters can transmit to the whole country, repeaters, antennas for collecting and collecting information, and shortwave radio broadcasting equipment. In the 2011-14 fiscal year, the Japan International Cooperation Agency invested about 500 million yen and completed the deployment in July 2014.

 However, as a result of the inspection, due to relocation and renovation, the Meteorological Bureau dismantled radios and repeaters in 2016, and dismantled the National Disaster Management Administration and the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Local Electricity in 2017. This situation continued until May 2019, when the inspection office conducted an investigation and some equipment was unknown.

 According to the inspection office's instructions, from June 2019 to this year, each institution reinstalled its equipment. JICA stated that the Solomon Islands authorities will prepare alternatives for future antennas with unknown locations and will "continue to work hard and provide suggestions."