Thieves Cut Rostelecom Cables, Disrupt Communications In Multiple Areas Of Khabarovsk, Russia

Date:Mar 27, 2020

In the evening of March 25-26, in the northern part of Khabarovsk, Russia, the thieves cut off the telecommunications line of the Russian telecommunications company Rostelecom. The total length of the stolen cable was reported to be about 1 km.

As a result, some residents and organizations in the northern and central parts of the city are temporarily out of communication services. Emergency personnel are working at the cutting site. The company's experts have resumed services for most affected customers.

Recovery will continue until the damage is fully repaired. Currently, there are several houses in Bolshaya-Vyazemskaya, Svobodnaya, Ordzhonikidze and Amursky Boulevard without communication services.

The thieves deprived Khabarovsk residents of their communication during difficult times, when many citizens remained at home, including working remotely. Such conduct prevents communication between residents, organizations and emergency services. Rostelecom asked potential witnesses of the incident to report information to law enforcement and remain vigilant.russia-network

Rostelecom urged people to be vigilant and to report to the police immediately if suspected of theft or damage to communications cables. Only law enforcement agencies, signallers, and citizens acting together can reduce the number of thefts and protect communication partners from damage.