Turkey ‘Uninterrupted Communications And Radio Use Project In Disaster’ Approve In Tekirdag

- Feb 21, 2019-



Projects such as uninterrupted communications in Turkey and radio use in disasters were approved in Tekirdağ.

The Turkish Disaster Response Project (TAMPA), increased applicability and 26 service teams to enhance communication capabilities "continuous communication and wireless application research in disasters", project preparation is supported by the Development Bureau of Trakya Province. The project was signed by the Ministry of Internal Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD), Tekirdağ Provincial Director Recep Erol and Trakya Development Agency Secretary MahmutŞahin.

The project prepared by the AFAD Tekirdag Provincial Council will provide a five-day theoretical and practical training on radiocommunication principles, radiocommunication systems and emergency radiocommunication. Work together to train and provide radio communication services under the project to ensure that disasters and emergencies will quickly and efficiently handle communications in the group.