Turkish Interior Minister: We Will Conduct Emergency Drills In All Conference Areas In Istanbul

Date:Sep 28, 2020


Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu participated in the Istanbul Disaster Coordination and Assessment Conference held under the chairmanship of the African Agricultural Development Foundation, Disaster and Emergency Management. In addition to Minister Soylu, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Istanbul Provincial Police Chief Zafer Aktaş, Traffic Control Office Manager Murat Özbek and AFAD officials attended the meeting.

"Our goal is to enable 81 million people to receive education on disaster issues"

Minister Soylu said at the meeting: "2021 will be a year of disasters. Our rotating presidency of AFAD is doing disaster preparedness and disaster work. We need to propose all of its education campaigns in Turkey. You know, we announce this year The sixth month and the sixth month of last year are disaster preparedness years. Both are over. In fact, we started disaster education this year, but unfortunately, the epidemic brought us to a halt. Even at the beginning In the past three months, we have also contacted more than 1.5 million citizens, but our goal next year is to enable 81 million people to receive education on disaster issues. We will use everything for this. Everyone will receive information about disasters. As well as some basic information on the response measures before, during and after the disaster. Our second plan for 2021, the provincial disaster risk reduction plan in Kahramanmaraş, was very successful.

Minister Soylu said: "In the event of disasters and emergencies, the first 6 hours are very important. We managed the first 6 hours well, and the position will proceed smoothly with our country’s capabilities. So far, we have achieved this. Goals. But especially for 6 hours of communication, transportation, health intervention, evacuation, we have to provide all of these. When an earthquake occurs, my first concern is that everyone will jump in the car and escape from their homes. We will kill thousands of people. Death, let me be clear. The only thing that can be done in the first 6 hours is to allow search and rescue, health, communication and transportation. The first thing that can be done in the first 6 hours is to send our country to us The meeting area that will be discussed today. We will conduct exercises in all meeting areas of Istanbul with all our municipalities, Muslims and public officials. In a short time. We will all be in the meeting center. We will conduct inspections and we will All citizens living in Istanbul integrate their location and citizenship and inform them that this is your gathering center. We will hang them in each building and send them to the mobile phone. The reason for this is to be very good. The 6-hour time zone is managed locally.

Minister Soylu said: “The country has the second largest observation network in Europe in Turkey. Since 2019, we have conducted 11 unannounced exercises in 11 regions, 1 country and province. This year, due to the epidemic, we Stopped. Hopefully, in the next few days, we will practice in the meeting area of Istanbul. As you know, the plan will be as follows, each meeting area has designated officials from the public. In addition, these meetings The area is connected to the evacuation and resettlement working group. Now this is the responsibility of the gendarmerie. The activity we will conduct is not a citizen’s activity, but an official activity. First of all, please allow me to declare so that we will not cause any Confusion. On the date and time we have determined and announced, the public officials responsible for these meeting areas will go to their responsible areas, and citizens interested in this topic will go to these areas as needed. Our colleagues will notify them here We have 18,000 642 emergency meeting areas across the country. It is possible for our citizens to obtain information about where to gather in the event of a disaster through e-government.