Turkish Turkcell Commissioned Facilities For The Construction Of 112 Emergency Call Center

Date:Oct 17, 2019



The 112 Emergency Call Center project under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior has added a new generation of functionality to 112 emergency call centres in 44 provinces, which is the infrastructure of Turkcell's eastern provinces of Anatolia and the eastern provinces of the Black Sea after Istanbul. , hardware and installation contractors. As a result, Turkcell will provide access, communications, hardware and software infrastructure for 112 emergency call centers in 25 provinces. There are 112 new generation emergency call centres in 44 provinces, and home software developed by the Ministry of Interior engineers and available in four foreign languages, including English, Arabic, German and Russian. In addition, citizens with “112 barrier-free” hearing impairments can receive emergency call services and can make video calls. However, the emergency call system "eCall" integrated in the car

Ali Çelik, Director of the Provincial Administration of the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey, stated in a statement to establish 112 emergency call centers in 25 provinces:

Efforts have been made to reduce the amount of institutional work due to unnecessary and unfounded calls and to make them work more efficiently. With the support of the Minister, the intensive work of the past two years has enabled our 112 emergency call centres to begin serving 45 provinces within the New Generation 112 project.

The new generation of 112 emergency centres and software projects is carried out by engineers from the Turkish Ministry of the Interior. With this project is to regulate the quality of any transport in Turkey's emergency services, living in a distance that provides citizens of the same technical facilities that benefit all citizens. Some of these technical opportunities include the location of citizens who share emergency calls with our most accurate emergency call centers, and the ability to guide vehicles that can arrive as quickly as possible via GPS location technology, communicate with electronic calling technology and with emergency call center automation Share the location and other information of the crashed vehicle. Provide access to survivors who are inaccessible,

Within the scope of the Next Generation 112 project, rather than being established separately in each province, a data center with a single location and redundant network technology provides a significant cost advantage for projects of this size. In addition, emergency telephone service personnel have strengthened coordination among agencies in the 112 emergency call centers where the physical environment is located, strengthened coordination between agencies, and provided faster and better service quality for emergency services. transport. Similarly, in the common culture that these call centers generate,

By the end of 2020, we will continue to work with Turkcell in the Istanbul Emergency Call Center project and bid within the target range, signing 25 provincial hardware contracts with Turkcell to activate our 112 in all 81 provinces. Emergency call center. I believe that Turkcell's company capabilities, knowledge and experience are among the largest in Turkey, and it will help to quickly complete hardware installations and install 112 emergency call centers in 25 provinces to serve our citizens and ensure service. Sustainability and uninterruptedness. ".turkey-112-logo

Ceyhun Özata, assistant general manager of corporate sales at Turkcell, said in the assessment:

“We have been digitizing the leading position of our company and our company in the process of digitalization in Turkey, and in this context, the new generation 112 facilities are being passed to the indoor emergency call center, we are very happy to be Contractor for the project. In Istanbul and 25 provinces, we will do our utmost to complete the infrastructure and equipment of the 112 emergency call centers to be built in an emergency, in order to complete our infrastructure and equipment faster than planned. The citizens provide services. We will provide the same services for the western infrastructure in eastern Turkey. We are honored to be the contractor of the Ministry of the Interior to implement the project."