Two Way Radio

Date:Jan 26, 2018

Two way radio is a kind of two-way mobile communication tool, which consists of transmitting part, receiving part, modulating signal and modulating circuit, signaling processing and so on. In the case without any network support, you can call, there is no bill to produce walkie-talkie There are three types of walkie-talkie, digital walkie-talkie, IP walkie-talkie, suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls occasions.

Walkie-talkies can be used for liaison and command scheduling among group members to improve communication and improve the ability to respond quickly to emergencies. In addition there are some occasions to use the walkie-talkie, such as explosion-proof walkie-talkies, waterproof walkie-talkies, police walkie-talkies and so on. Taiwan can also be included in the use of walkie-talkies.

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