U.S. Federal Communications Commission Voted To Provide The 6 GHz 1200 MHz Band For Unauthorized Use

Date:May 13, 2020


On April 23, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted unanimously to allow the 1,200 MHz spectrum in the 6 GHz band (currently used to support public utilities, public safety, and wireless backhaul microwave services) for unlicensed use .

As a new frequency band of 1200MHz (5.925GHz ~ 7.125GHz) as Wi-Fi, the number of spectrums available for Wi-Fi has increased by nearly 5 times. The WiFi Alliance has named the devices working in the 6GHz band as Wi-Fi 6, and initially predicts that more than 316 million WiFi 6E devices will enter the market next year. The FCC also negotiated proposals to allow low-power devices to operate in the 6GHz band to support high-data-rate devices.

The FCC said in a press release: "Wi-Fi 6 will be twice as fast as the current standard and will provide better performance for US consumers. Opening the 6GHz band for unlicensed use will also enable Wi-Fi The amount of available spectrum has increased nearly fivefold and has helped to improve connectivity in rural America. "