U.S. Supplies Military Equipment To Ukrainian Military Operations In The Donbass Region

Date:May 20, 2020


On May 15, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine reported that the United States had provided Ukraine with more than $ 25 million in night vision equipment, thermal imaging cameras, two-way radios, and medical equipment for Ukrainian military operations in Donbas.

The embassy also emphasized that in the face of Russian aggression, the United States supports Ukraine ’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In February of this year, the United States transferred a US $ 1.5 million tent to the special operations forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as other vehicles that the Ukrainian army can use in Donbass.

In January, the United States handed over a batch of special equipment and equipment to defend the maritime border to the Ukrainian Border Guard.

In February 2014, Ukraine's eastern provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk regions rebelled and declared independence, and in April Ukraine began military operations. Since September 2014, the Minsk talks have adopted three documents that stipulate the actions required to mitigate the escalation of conflict. Nevertheless, there is still a military struggle between the parties.