UK Northwest Ambulance Service Selects Motorola Solution TPG2200 As Emergency Pager

- Mar 18, 2019-


On March 13, 2019, the Motorola solution was selected by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) NHS Trust to equip 450 community first responders with Motorola's TETRA-compliant two-way pager TPG2200 as part of the TPG Messenger service. The new Motorola two-way pager will modernize mission-critical alerts for Volunteer First Responders on the Airwave Public Safety Network and improve key response efficiencies during medical emergencies.

The lightweight and compact Motorola TPG2200 two-way pager meets all NWAS operational requirements and integrates seamlessly with existing command, control and crew alarm systems. With its enhanced coverage, extended battery life, color display, powerful speaker and vibration alarms, the TPG2200 ensures quick contact and dispatch of community first responders to those in need of emergency care.

The TPG2200's built-in GPS receiver allows the NWAS's control room to send messages to volunteers who have checked the available accident radius within 3 miles. Utilizing NWAS's Computer Aided Design (CAD), the TPG2200 and the nationwide Airwave Public Safety Network connection, the controller can instantly identify and allocate available resources.motorola_tetra_pager_tpg2200

Volunteers can respond immediately to text messages and alert notifications, check in through the control room when they arrive at the scene, and check out when the ambulance arrives - all of which can be achieved through the use of a bright color display and an intuitive user interface of the pager . In addition, if there is any problem or the accident cannot be found, the first responder can immediately alert the control room via a status message or a configured emergency button. The control room can track devices and send help to volunteers, whether in information or by sending police or other support.

The Motorola solution's TETRA pager takes advantage of Airwave's public safety network, including reliability, resiliency, security, responsiveness and interoperability. To achieve reliable operations, NWAS provides support services such as 24/7 event management reporting, order management, programming and logistics, and pager equipment warranty, repair and replacement policies.

“We used our TETRA pager and Airwave network to assign our Community First Responders (CFRs) to life-threatening events near their location,” said Max Evans, NWAS Community Engagement and Recovery Manager and Cambria Head of the Blue County Collaboration Operations in the County and the Lancashire area. "We will update our system to Airwave's new two-way pager, which can be used where there is no cell phone signal."

Phil Jefferson, vice president of Western Europe and North Africa at Motorola Solutions, said: "At the critical moments where every second is critical, the first responders and control rooms need to communicate quickly and easily." "We are very proud to be northwest." Ambulance services, equipped with our TPG2200 two-way pager, can help them take advantage of the power of the Airwave public safety network to meet future needs."

NWAS's community first responders are public volunteers licensed and trained by the Ambulance Service Trust to provide intensive care in emergency medical situations in communities in the northwest of England. They represent an important part of connecting citizens with the emergency medical assistance they need by providing life-saving treatment at critical times between 999 calls to caregivers or ambulance arrivals.