Unable To Call And Go Online Chiba Prefecture, Japan Affected By Typhoon

- Oct 09, 2019-


This year's No. 15 typhoon "Faxai" caused a large-scale power outage in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Water cuts and communication failures caused by power outages have caused great inconvenience to the lives of local people, and various life difficulties have become increasingly prominent.

In some areas, communication was interrupted, and neither the phone nor the Internet could be used. In some areas, local government's disaster prevention administrative radio broadcasts were also forced to stop broadcasting.

Some of the 33 cities that have established disaster response headquarters are temporarily unable to use some of the disaster prevention administrative broadcasts in 29 cities. The emergency battery was cut off due to an unexpected long-term power outage, or the antenna was damaged by the storm. In emergencies such as long-term power outages, phone failures, or Internet disconnections, questions arise about how to maintain wireless capabilities to communicate disaster information.

The Asahi Shimbun interviewed 33 cities when the typhoon arrived in Chiba on September 15. There were at least 620 outdoor speakers in 29 cities. The most common is the city of Nanfang, and all 184 units are unusable. There are about 70 units in Kamogawa City, about 58 units in Tateyama City, about 50 units in Narita City, and about 50 units in Fujin City, and about 70% in the southern part of the affected area. Some local governments do not know the total loss, and the total loss is expected to increase further.

The reason is that the emergency generator of the relay station runs out of fuel and the emergency battery of the outdoor speaker is used up. In the city of Kamogawa, where the outdoor speaker column collapsed and the base of the receiver was damaged, some radios were still unusable after the power failure was resolved.