Update Of The Municipal Civil Defense Communication System In Rio Grande, Brazil

Date:May 12, 2020



Update of the Municipal Civil Defense Communication System in Rio Grande, Brazil

The Minister of Municipal Administration of Rio Grande City, Brazil, reported that the modernization and refurbishment of the equipment of the General Administration of Civil Defence in order to increase economic investment. He said: “First, an antenna was installed for the main frequency of the facility. "

Civil Defense Minister Sebastian Aguila said: "Since Mayor Martin Perez began to manage, the equipment of the Civil Defense Administration has begun to renovate and modernize." In this sense, he emphasized: "We are installing an antenna which has 4 dipoles and will be installed on the main frequency of civil defense", adding, "It will enable our city to respond to internal and external emergencies. The large areas in the north and south of the province are mainly rooms away from the city. "

In addition, he emphasized the importance of improving emergency radio communications because "at present, we rely on cellular phones and fiber optics", and on various occasions, "neither Rio Grande nor the city has a telephone or Internet, and it affects emergency Services, taxi drivers, taxi drivers and other communication channels. "The official emphasized:" This also allows us to improve the quality of communications with different departments of the municipal government that use VHF frequencies. "