US Loudon County Deploys New Avtec Dispatch System

Date:Aug 10, 2019


Avtec, a surveillance video company owned by Motorola Solutions, completed a major upgrade to its dispatch communication system for Loudon County, USA, adding redundancy and regional interoperability to the county's primary public safety answering point.

After a series of hurricanes in June, only about half of the 911 systems in Loudon County were functioning properly, forcing the center to undergo major upgrades. In less than five weeks, the new dispatch system was built and installed to enable the center to resume normal operations.

The new dispatch communication system includes:

    1. 8 Avtec Scout dispatch consoles, including configurations that add location to the central mobile command unit in an extended emergency situation.

   2. Through the headset interface of the US national emergency number association (NENA), the dispatcher is allowed to use the device to answer the 911 system and radio calls.

    3. Interoperability with KENWOOD and Motorola Solutions P25 standard two-way radio interface for mutual assistance within the Tennessee Valley communications system.

    4. Other features and functions, such as the radio ID number, to ensure that the dispatcher has critical real-time information and a customizable graphical user interface to facilitate an easy transition from the previous console system.