Venezuelan Government And Opposition Sign Ceasefire Agreement To Contain New Corona Virus Pandemic

Date:Jun 04, 2020

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The Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan opposition led by Juan Guaido signed an agreement yesterday, hoping that the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) will manage funds and other assistance in response to the pandemic in the country. Relevant parties reported the coronavirus in the country.

A document read on Venezuela’s national television, “Both parties recommend that with the support of the Pan American Health Organization, seek coordination of financial resources that will help strengthen the country’s response capacity.” Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez ) Has always emphasized that this is a reconciliation between the Venezuelan administration and the “one department” of the opposition.

The agreement, signed in Caracas, Venezuela, established a “priority” approach that caught the attention of a pandemic, including the investigation of active New Corona Virus cases, epidemiological surveillance and timely treatment of patients. The parties have not confirmed the estimated amount of the plan so far, nor have they informed of the conditions under which the resources will be implemented.

The opposition headed by Juan Guaido said: "We have managed to get the Pan American Health Organization to obtain "approved humanitarian aid funds" and ensure that the agreement allows the funds to be used for emergencies to be handed over to international organizations instead of Maduro government.

Juan Guaido said on Twitter after Rodriguez's speech that this is a "donation" of the unicameral National Assembly, which is the only power in the hands of the opposition.

Carlos Alvarado, Venezuela's health minister, signed the agreement; the medical representative of the Parliament, Julio Castro, and the Pan American Health Organization. The signed documents include the signature of Julio Castro as an advisor to Congress.