Vietnam Developed A New Fishery Monitoring System

- Feb 19, 2019-


High-Tech Development Center of the Vietnam Institute of Science and Technology have successfully developed fisheries monitoring systems. Help the owner or manager remotely monitor the operation of the fishing vessel, where the crew is directed to the fishing location or warned when leaving the controlled waters.

The system can be used to display the navigation function installed on the ship through the screen. The entire route can also be stored in memory to display teams or groups of fishing boats with the same route. Users can also make calls and send text messages to fixed or mobile phone networks via existing HF bands on existing fishing vessels.

Through the HF band, data can also be transferred between fishing vessels and shore stations or between ships without monthly fees. When making a call or texting on a land-based phone, the user must pay for the phone.

The device also integrates satellite and 3G technology to enable near-shore communication when HF waves cannot be transmitted. In the case of a radio transmission channel, the device automatically switches to the built-in satellite channel on the fishing boat.

vietnam-fishery-regulatory-shipThe owner or manager can remotely monitor and monitor the operation of the vessel through software installed on the phone. All information on fishermen's production and demand will be updated by the software.

The project's chairman, Le Van Luan, said that they developed the system based on the information needs of fishermen and managers. The system overcomes the limitations of existing fishery communication systems.

Currently, all offshore fishing vessels in Vietnam are equipped with radio equipment. There are 28 coastal provinces and cities with land-based communication stations. The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group, used the HF band and satellite to establish a monitoring system and bring it to market.