Virve And Stop Noise To Launch The Hybrid X Modular Structure For Smartphones And TETRA Radios

Date:Dec 01, 2020

Manu Skyttä, CEO of Virve Tuotteet ja Palvelut Oy (VTP), and Markku Nieminen, CEO of Stop Noise Finland Oy Ltd, signed a resale agreement on 19 November 2020 that will kick off the production of the Hybrid X modular structure. Hybrid X's product development, manufacturing and assembly will take place in Finland. With the agreement, VTP and Stop Noise will enhance their cooperation further. Deliveries of the new product will begin in the second quarter of 2021.

Hybrid X has been developed for communication and industrial use by all parties who maintain critical functions in society. The modular structure can be attached to a fourth or fifth generation (4G or 5G) LTE-based smartphone with the phone’s model-specific adapter. A TETRA terminal can also be connected to Hybrid X at the same time. This allows existing TETRA network services and new Virve 2.0 technology-based features to be used on a single device. New and old technologies will initially be used side by side.


With Hybrid X, user organizations can connect their LTE smartphone to any two-way radio, and utilize worldwide LTE network. Hybrid X tactical extension can be customized to fit in almost any smartphone due to its smart modular structure. Integrated gateway functionality of Hybrid X makes communication between any radio systems possible. Features include rugged keypad with large PTT buttons, video streaming quick button, loud and clear audio (DSP), mic gain control (AGC), IP68 rating etc. Android UI provides intuitive user experience, allowing user organization to design their own communication software.


 With Hybrid X tactical modular extension an LTE smartphone and a PMR radio can be combined to provide new data intensive services for all PMR user groups; from public safety and security to healthcare professionals and industries. The concept has been developed according to customer needs and feedback. Hybrid X, a tactical modular extension fulfils the requirements of different user groups and enables important additional features such as group gateway between PMR and LTE users, charging on-the-go, body worn camera and dashboard camera with the help of the smart holder and vehicle holder. Hybrid X also enhances the usability of any Android LTE phone in any user group in any environment with more robust structure, better sound pressure level and improved operation through a keypad that can be used with gloves on. Hybrid X contains a digital signal processor (DSP), that compensates background noise of both received and transmitted audio.


The availability of a smartphone with a mere touchscreen does not meet users' availability requirements in the field. Hybrid X makes it easy to use the phone’s functions in the field with physical buttons, even when wearing gloves. Hybrid X mutes background noise and conveys clear, understandable speech to the recipient. The phone is carried in a Smart Holder shoulder clip, where it charges and is always available even during long operations. Hybrid X's quick buttons can be used to start apps without having to take the phone in hand at all. This make it easy for the user to send, for example, live picture for use as a control aid to the operations centre.

VTP and Stop Noise strongly believe in the product's success, as the patented Hybrid X modular structure has been designed to meet the strict availability requirements of user organisations.


This is a significant development step for VTP towards the technology revolution brought about by Virve 2.0 in communications between authorities. An easy-to-use, durable communication solution that enables not only speech but also video and data to be transmitted securely is part of the near future of many organisations and communications between the authorities. The agreement reached will help us offer even better communication solutions to parties critical in view of security of supply and to promote Finnish technology development.