West Pomerania, Poland, Will Build A DMR Radio Communication System

Date:Jun 16, 2020


The Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration provided nearly 3 million PLN to the West Pomerania Province for the construction of a DMR radio communication system.

Tomasz Hinc, governor of Poland’s West Pomerania province, said that the system will cover the entire province and enable communication encryption. -With this, information exchange between the crisis management center of Pomerania and the services and crisis centers of communes and rural areas will be safer. The unification of the system will also help to convey information in a crisis situation-this is extremely important to ensure the safety of the residents of West Pomerania.

The total cost of the project is nearly 4 million PLN.

The funds will be allocated for the purchase of dispatch systems, relay stations, emergency stations and handheld radios, VHF antennas and car radios. The system will be put into use in March 2022. Seventy-five percent of the investment costs come from security funds within the European Union.