Yaesu Launches New C4FM/FM Digital Radio At Hamvention 2019

Date:May 20, 2019


May 17-19, 2019, Yaesu introduced the new C4FM/FM digital radio FT3DR at Hamvention. This radio is designed for amateurs.

FT3DR Introduction

Yaesu FT3DR design is compact and lightweight (width 62mm x height 100mm x thickness 32.5mm/282g), battery power saving mode can be set separately in each frequency band RF output power (5w/2.5w/1w/0.3w); 700mw clear and loud The audio output power allows users to fully enjoy the C4FM voice quality; the true dual-band operation (V+V, U+U, V+U, U+V) allows two independent receivers to work simultaneously, FT3DR also It also supports C4FM digital monitoring for A and B bands (C4FM/C4FM standby).Yaesu-FT3D

FT3DR new product has 320*240 high-resolution matrix full-color TFT LCD touch screen----clearly highlights the working frequency, and has three touch-screen buttons on the bottom of the display to facilitate mode switching, direct input frequency and function. Various settings for the menu display. The addition of HD Full Color Spectrum is a new advanced feature that allows users to monitor up to 79 channels in real time near the VFO frequency. The number of channels scanned is 19CH/39CH/79CH.

The new FT3DR also provides C4FM digital communication capabilities that are widely available in the market, such as automatic mode selection (AMS), digital group ID (DG-ID) operation, and smart navigation. The FT3DR also supports the WiRES-X portable digital node function. Like other C4FM mode walkie-talkies, users can easily create a portable digital node with the FT3DR and optional SCU-39 data cable for the WiRES-X Internet Protocol.

The CAM (Club Channel Activity Monitor) function is a new function of FT3DR. It can register up to 10 groups of common channels of 5 channels each. It can receive and display the signal strength of the channel and the previous channels of the group. Peak. Tap the channel's channel bar graph to switch to the active channel, and the user can immediately start communicating with other club members on that channel.

The FT3DR has a built-in Bluetooth module that allows users to choose from YAESU's Bluetooth headset SSM-BT10 or other commercial products for hands-free operation. The SSM-BT10 is equipped with a PTT button that supports Automatic Voice Activation (VOX).

Other features of the new FT3DR include: wideband RX reception range for continuous reception of 0.5MHz-999.99MHz (A-band) / 108MHz-580MHz (B-band); built-in high-sensitivity 66-channel GPS receiver; 1200/9600bps APRS data modem; Standard 2200mAh high-capacity lithium battery pack (SBR-14Li); receiving and transmitting voice recording function, these audio data can be saved as an audio file on the micro SD card; while listening to two channels, receiving AM/FM broadcast at the same time; Micro SD card slot.

FT3DR products will be available in the summer of 2019.

FT3DR Specifications

BandA bandB band
Frequency 0.5MHz-999.99MHz
Power Output