Yaesu Launches New Dual-band C4FM Digital Mobile Radio FTM-300DR

Date:Feb 28, 2020


Recently, Yaesu launched new FTM-300DR dual-band C4FM digital mobile radio

FTM-300DR provides stable and reliable power output of up to 50W.

Like the latest Yaesu mobile radio, the fuselage is equipped with a unique wind tunnel heavy-duty radiator.

Memory Channel Band Automatic Grouping (MBAG)

The memory channels are automatically classified into each frequency band. The memory frequency bands can be easily and quickly recalled from the following 4 frequency band groups: aviation frequency band (M-AIR), VHF (M-VHF), UHF (M-UHF) and 174-400MHz / 480- 999.99MHz (M-GEN).

3W Audio Power Speaker

Two independent external speaker jacks are provided. When using a single external speaker, users can output VFO A and B band receivers to separate speakers or mix A and B signals.

Fixed node function

It can monitor on VFO A and VFO B at the same time. Users can enjoy WiRES-X software communication on one channel at the same time, while monitoring another local channel.

Dual-band operation (V + V, U + U, V + U, U + V) can be provided by two independent receivers, and the FTM-300DR supports C4FM digital mode monitoring of A and B bands simultaneously.

2 inch QVGA full color TFT display

The use of the band oscilloscope function allows users to monitor up to 63 channels centered on the current VFO frequency in real time. (21 channels in storage mode)

Other functions

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