ZTE CALTTA Releases Two Narrowband PDT/DMR Explosion-proof Walkie-talkies

Date:Sep 27, 2020


As the industry's leading provider of wireless communication equipment, ZTE CALTTA has also done a lot in the field of explosion-proof walkie-talkies. It has successively launched wide and narrow-band explosion-proof walkie-talkies with different standards and different explosion-proof levels, providing industry users with more explosion-proof safety equipment options.

With the continuous development of China's B-TrunC broadband trunking standard, based on its excellent performance and rich business functions, multiple B-TrunC broadband trunking projects have been gradually implemented in the energy and chemical industries. What follows is the demand for broadband explosion-proof walkie-talkies. In order to adapt to this market trend, ZTE CALTTA and its partners have carried out explosion-proof design based on the classic B-TrunC broadband trunking radios GH880 and GH650, and launched two Exib IIC T4 Gb level explosion-proof radio products.

These two products not only support B-TrunC broadband clusters, high-speed data services and intelligent operating systems, but also reach the IIC high explosion-proof level, which satisfies the first-line explosion-proof intercom requirements of energy and chemical users. At present, these two models have been put into use in a number of energy and chemical projects. After a long period of inspection, it has been confirmed that they have good explosion-proof performance, which truly protects the safe production of energy and chemical industries.

On the basis of the successful application of broadband trunking explosion-proof walkie-talkies, ZTE CALTTA has made persistent efforts to launch narrowband PDT/DMR explosion-proof walkie-talkies with 350M police frequency band and 400M civilian frequency band: PH790Ex and PH690 explosion-proof version, and successfully passed the new national regulations 3C Explosion-proof certification (both Ex ib IIB T3 Gb/Ex ibD 21 T150°C), becoming a powerful participant in the field of explosion-proof walkie-talkies.