Vertex Vx 2000

Vertex Vx 2000

The VX-2000V is carefully designed to allow the knowledgeable operator to make nearly all adjustments required for various station conditions, modes and operator preferences simply from the controls on the panels, without opening the case of the transceiver. The VX-2000V Operating Manual describes these adjustments, plus certain internal settings. Servicing this equipment requires expertise in handling surface mount chip components. Attempts by non-qualified persons to service this equipment may result in permanent damage not covered by warranty.For the major circuit boards, each side of the board is identified by the type of the majority of components installed on that side. In most cases one side has only chip components, and the other has either a mixture of both chip and lead components (trimmers, coils, electrolytic capacitors, packaged ICs, etc.), or lead components only.

Product Details

vertex vx 2000


Frequency Range (version)400 ~ 430, 450 ~ 480 or 480 ~ 512 MHz (UHF vers. A/D/F, respectively)
No. of Channels & Spacing4 or 40 channels 25-kHz, 12.5-kHz spacing
Modes of Emission16K0F3E ,11K0F3E
Frequency Stability±0.00025%
Antenna Requirements50 ohms, unbalanced (SO-239 socket)
Voltage Requirements11.8 V to 15.6 V DC, negative ground
Current Consumption (approx.)250 mA Stby, 200 mA Rx, 6.5 A Tx
Operating Temperature Range-30 °C to +60 °C (-22 °F to +140 °F)
Size (WHD, approx.) 6¼ ´ 1½ ´ 4¼ inches (160 ´ 40 ´ 105 mm)
Weight (approx.)1.9 lbs. (0.85 kg)


Receiver Circuit TypeDouble-Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies43.95 MHz , and 450 kHz (all models)

0.2/0.25 µV for 12-dB SINAD

0.3/0.35 µV for 20 dB NQ

Hum & Noise Ratio

Better than 45 dB for 25-kHz/step

Better than 40 dB for 12.5-kHz/step,

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

>70 dB for 25-kHz/step,

>60 dB for 12.5-kHz/step

Intermodulation DistortionBetter than 65 dB
Spurious RejectionBetter than 65 dB
External Audio Output Power5 watts into 4 ohms with <10% THD


Power Output25/5 watts (high/low, programmable)
Modulation Type/DeviationFrequency Modulation, ±5 kHz (±2.5 kHz )
Hum & Noise Ratio

Better than 45 dB for 25-kHz/step,

Better than 40 dB for 12.5-kHz/step

Modulation DistortionLess than 5%
Spurious EmissionsBetter than 65 dB (below carrier)
Microphone Impedance

600 ohms

Product Description

25 watt, 4 or 40 channel compact mobile. The VX-2000 is the perfect fit for business band radio applications. With 25 watt output and a very manageable 4 channel or 40 channel front panel, this radio is the perfect balance between power, functionality and simplicity.

4 or 40 channel version
The VX-2000 is available in a 4 channel or 40 channel configuration. For the customer who has only a couple of channels to deal with, the 4 channel front panel is the definition of simplicity. If you need more than 4 channels, the 40 channel version adds a two digit digital display. Very simple, very efficient.
Wide or Narrow bandwidth per channel
The VX-2000 allows simple programming of wide or narrow bandwidth. If your system will be going to narrowband in the near future, or if you currently have both wide and narrowband channel to communicate on, the VX-2000 makes the task as easy as selecting the bandwidth per channel during programming. Now, you don’t need to worry if this channel is wide or narrow, simply select the right channel and your ready to go !
DB9 Accessory Connection on the Rear Panel
The integrated DB9 connector makes interfacing outboard devices to your VX-2000 mobile.
Built to Last
Designed and built to pass grueling Mil-Std 810 tests for Shock, Vibration, Temperature and many more; the VX-2000 will give you years and years of reliable service.

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