Vertex VX 168

Vertex VX 168

Vertex Standard VX-168 is rugged and easy to operate, making it ideal for factories, fleets, schools and retail. It has anti-shock, anti-vibration and rain-proof forest design, and its performance is in line with the US military standard. With 16 channels and 5 watts of RF output power, it is a very cost-effective handset.
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Product Details

Vertex VX-168 Handheld Two-way radio

  • Meet the US military standard

    The frame of the die-cast structure is sturdy and robust, effectively protecting the circuit from damage, and ensuring long-term reliable communication even in harsh environments such as military and police field operations on construction sites.

  • Variety of scanning methods

    Support full channel scanning, priority scanning, dual standby operation. If the "Follow-Me" scanning mode is selected, the channel of the channel switch can be monitored while scanning other channels.

  • ARTS extra tips

    When the radio of ARTS is set too far apart, the radio will automatically alarm. This is a very important feature when performing a search rescue mission.

  • Power saving mode

    It can maximize battery life. When transmitting power saving, the machine will automatically control the output power according to the field strength of the received signal. When receiving power saving work, the machine will enter sleep mode and intermittently detect whether there is a call signal.

  • Two audio decoding

    Two 2 audio decodings can be set for each channel. Can be used for two individual calls, or one for one call and one for group calls.

  • Launch time limit function

    It can be set to limit the length of time for continuous transmission to prevent artificial or accidental long-term continuous transmission.

  • Computer Programming

    It can be programmed with a computer via a programming cable and CE44 programming software.






Power Output1-5W
Channel capicity

Accessories includes

  • 2000 mAh Li-ion Battery FNB-V67LI

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter