Vertex Vx 261

Vertex Vx 261

The VX-261 is full-featured Hand-Held Analog Transceiver designed for business communications in the VHF/UHF Land Mobile bands. This transceiver is designed for reliable business communications in a wide variety of applications with a wide range of operating capability provided by their leading-edge design, and allows up to 16-channel capacity. Important channel frequency data is stored in the flash memory, and is easily programmable by a Vertex Standard licensed dealers using a personal computer with Vertex Standard Programming equipment: FIF-12 USB Programming Interface, and CT-106 Connection cable with CE150 PC Programming Software. Or, once a single radio is programmed, cloning cable CT-27 can be used to program additional radios directly.
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Product Details

VX-261 Advanced Features

1Superior Audio Quality & Value

22 Programmable Keys/

3Emergency & Lone Worker

4VOX Capable w/ Accessory/

5Seamless Interoperability

6MDC1200× & FleetSync


82-Tone / 5-Tone Signaling

Additional Features

16 / 128 channels (VX-261/VX-264)

2 or 6 programmable keys (VX-261/VX-264) 8-Character alphanumeric display (VX-264) 700 mW Internal Speaker

MDC1200® ANI Encode FleetSync® ANI Encode DTMF ANI Encode

2-Tone Encode/Decode 5-Tone Encode/Decode

CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode Emergency

Lone  Worker Multiple Scan Options ARTS



FNB-V133LI-UNI 1380 mAh Li-Ion FNB-V134LI-UNI 2300 mAh Li-Ion

FBA-41 Alkaline Battery case


VAC-UNI Single Unit Charger (multiple plugs for both regions)

CD-58 Charger Base, PA-55 AC Adaptor

VAC-6058 MUC Charger (multiple plugs for both regions)

VCM-5 Vehicular Charger Mounting Adaptor (UNI Charger/Batteries)


ATU-6A 400-430 MHz 6.5”

ATU-6D 450-485 MHz 6”

ATU-6DS 450-485 MHz 3.5”

ATU-6F 490-512 MHz

ATV-6B 150-163 MHz 3.5”

ATV-6C 161-174 MHz 3.5”

ATV-6XL Untuned VHF a 7” ATV-8A 134-150 MHz 6”

ATV-8C 162-174 MHz 6”

Audio Accessories

Speaker Microphones

MH-360S Compact Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack

MH-450S Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack MH-45B4B Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack


MH-37A4B-1 Earpiece Microphone

VH-150A VOX capable lightweight headset, Behind-the-Head VH-150B VOX capable lightweight headset, Over-the-Head MH-100 Rx only Earpiece, 3.5mm for use with MH-450S MH-101A4B Single Wire Surveillance Kit

MH-102A4B Two-Wire Surveillance Kit

Programming Equipment

FIF-12 USB interface for PC programming CT-106 FIF-12 to Radio Cable

CT-27A Radio to Radio Cloning Cable


Additional information: Vertex VX-261 VHF/UHF Analog, no display Two-Way Radio

Product Weight

2 lbs

Digital / Analog / Dual Mode


Marketing Material

PDF Document (1000kb)






5W (VHF), 5W (UHF)


VHF 134-174 MHz, UHF 450-512 MHz

Estimated Battery Life

9 to 17 hours

Military Specifications

810 C, D, E, F, G

Manufacturers Warranty

Three Year

Extended Warranty

Two Year