Vertex VX 428

Vertex standard VX-428 is a handheld analog two-way radio with 32 channels and 5W power output. It has built-in functions such as dual 2-tone encoding/decoding, 5-tone encoding/decoding, encryption, and voice compander. Kind of scanning method. To meet the needs of the business / corporate and public security sectors. VX-428 can also be channel programmed with an optional channel spacing of 12.5/20/25kHz for simplex or inter-frequency communication. The VX-428 has an 8-digit LCD alphanumeric display, 4 additional programming buttons and a backlit button. The product is rugged and offers outstanding performance and cost effectiveness.
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Product Details

Vertex VX-428 Handheld Two-way radio

  • 5W power output

    VX-428 has an output power of 5W and an option of 1W to increase battery life when high power is not required.

  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery (2000mAh)

    VX-428 is used with the 2000mAh FNB-V67 lithium-ion battery, using 5W power (5-5-90 duty cycle) and can be used for more than 12 hours.

  • 32 channel capacity

    VX-428 has two 16-channel memories and can use up to 32 channels.

  • Programmable button

    The two soft buttons on the side of the VX-428 allow you to set specific functions based on the user's application needs. Four front panel programmable function keys are provided, for a total of six programmable function buttons.

  • VX-TRUNK trunking function (optional)

    With the VX-TRUNK option installed, the 428 can be operated in the VX-TRUNK system.

  • Built-in dual 2 tone and 5/6 tones

    To accommodate more complex radio communication systems, the VX-428 professional walkie-talkie is equipped with a dual 2-tone decoder and a 5/6-tone encoder/decoder. At the same time, DTMF ANI and DTMF paging functions can be implemented by installing the optional FVP-25DTMF call unit.

  • 8 character - digital display

    An 8-character-digital display is provided, and the LCD display also provides clear operational function icons for the user to identify the radio operating status.

  • Ergonomic shell

    The well-designed outer casing has smooth corners and a solid handle that is easy to hold even in slippery conditions. The buttons are large and easy to use.

  • Keypad lock

    A programmable button can be set as a keypad lock control to prevent inappropriate channel changes or unwanted function activation.

  • Wired copy

    Fast VX-428 radio programming, wired copy function to copy channels and configuration data from one VX-428 radio to another station, using the optional CT-27 copy cable.

  • Recording option unit

    The DVS-5 Recording Option Unit allows users to record and save up to 120 seconds of call history, ideal for saving important call information. This feature can be performed as a 2-minute recording or as a continuously updated "latest 120 second" recording.

  • Meets US military standard MIL standards

    VX-428 is designed to meet the specifications required by US military standards MIL 810C/D and E, and can be used reliably even in harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature, low temperature, low pressure, rain, humidity, salt spray and dust. .







Power Output1-5W
Channel capicity

Accessories includes

  • 2000 mAh Li-ion Battery FNB-V67LI

  • Belt Clip 

  • Charger 

  • Antenna

  • Power Adapter