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HF + V• UHF ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER FT-847 The exciting new Yaesu FT-847 Earth Station is a revolutionary multimode transceiver providing coverage of all nine HF Amateur bands, plus VHF/UHF coverage of the 50, 144, and 430 MHz bands. The FT-847 Earth Station provides 100 Watts of power output on 160 through 6 meters, and 50 Watts output on 144 MHz and 430 MHz. General-coverage HF receive capability is provided, along with VHF/UHF reception at 37~76 MHz, 108~174 MHz, and 420~512 MHz. Independent antenna ports are provided: one each for HF, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, and 430 MHz. The front panel’s multi-function blue display includes dual frequency registers, digital metering, and a wide variety of status displays. The FT-847’s compact size makes it ideal either for base station, field day, vacation, or VHF/ UHF “rover” expeditions. Important features of the FT-847 Earth Station include: crossband full duplex capability with normal/inverted tracking for satellite work; built-in low-noise preamplifiers; DSP Noise Reduction, Notch, and Bandpass Filters; AFSK I/O port for teletype, HF packet, AMTOR, or high-speed CW work; 1200/9600 bps packet jack for VHF/ UHF; two tuning knobs plus Shuttle-Jog™ dial for easy frequency navigation; direct keyboard frequency entry; Digital Speech Processor; adjustable CW pitch/sidetone; alpha-numeric label tags for labeling satellite memories; built-in CW electronic keyer with weight control; built-in CTCSS/DCS encode-decode operation for FM; and a high-speed (up to 57600 bps) CAT port for external computer control. Available options include Collins® Mechanical IF Filters for SSB and CW, and the FVS-1A Voice Synthesizer for visually impaired operators. Thank you for your investment in the FT-847 Earth Station. We recommend that you read this manual in its entirety as soon as possible, so as to gain a fuller understanding of the many capabilities of your new transceiver.

Product Details

The Yaesu FT-847 changes base operation forever. Now you get three radios in one -- HF, VHF/UHF and satellite. You get 100 watt output on HF and 6 Meters, plus 50 watts on both 2 Meters and 430 MHz bands. Additional features include:  Cross-band Full Duplex operation, Normal/Reverse Tracking, CTCSS/DCS Encode and Decode, 0.1 Hz tuning steps, DSP Notch, DSP NR and DSP BPF, Shuttle Jog Tuning Dial, Carry Handle and Keypad Entry. The FT-847 is also 1200/9600 bps Packet ready. 10.2 x 3.4 x 10.6 inches. With MH-31B8 hand mic.




Frequency Range Receive:

100 kHz - 30 MHz, 36 - 76, 108 - 174 and 420 - 512 MHz

Frequency Range Transmit

160 to 6 Meters, 2 Meters, 70 Centimeters

Emission Modes:

USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, F1 (9600 bps Packet),
Synthesizer Steps (Min.):0.1 Hz (CW/SSB), 10 Hz (AM/FM)

Antenna Impedance:

50 Ohm, Unbalanced

Operating Temp. Range:

-10°C to +50°C (14F to 122F)

Current Consumption:

Receive (Squelched): 1.5A


Receive (Max. Audio): 2.0A


Transmit: 22A @ 100W RF Output

Case Size:

10.25 x 3.39 x 10.63 inches WHD (260 x 86 x 270 mm)


Approx. 14.4 lbs. (7 kg)

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